Disney Princess Celebrity : Kida (Atlantis)

Hello Guys.. Finally I'm back with a new poster of Disney Princess Celebrity... Today I created Princess Kida from Atlantis Movie.. perhaps you guys forget about her.. cos She doesn't like the other princesses.. She doesn't wear a beautiful dresses or gown.. But for me Kida is kind of sexy.. she has tanned skin and Icy Blond long hair.. and for the cast.. I choose Jessica Alba.. I think she's perfect for Kida.. 

For my Kida.. I twist a little in the hair style.. Cos I don't really like her hair in the movie.. I think if kida has a braid style like Daenerys Targaryen it would be perfect.. hehehe... and here's the result.. I love it... 

And Here's the pictures that I used to create this artwork (credits to this pictures) :

Credit to :
Jessica Alba, Emilia Clarke, Kida Cosplayer (Vandrob cosplay, Crumpets cosplay, Lady Ragdoll, 

Doodle #18 - Once Upon A Time : Emma Swan & The Snow Queen

Print Ad - Batik Keris 2014

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Doodle #17 - Annabelle

There's a movie in 2014 called "Annabelle".. I believe you guys knew this horror movie.. This movie still sync with The Conjuring movie... And ffter watched this movie I just did doodle the annabelle doll again and again.. here it is...

Miss Me?


If annabelle was a princess