Doodle #16 - Wicked Witch

Here's My Wicked Witch... Her name is Ms. Greeny Frog... LOL

Disney Movie Poster Artwork "The Lion King"

Hello everyone, I bet you guys waiting for my new disney poster.. even it's not princesses one, but I'm sure you guys will love it! Don't you?! Lion King is my favourite movie at first. I was touched by the movie when I was a kid. And I met Hakuna Matata (which is one of my tattoo) from this movie!

then.. here's some images that I used for this artwork :

Doodle #15 - Cruella De Ville

Here's a character re-design for Cruella De Ville form Disney Movie "101 Dalmatians". And it was a submission for sketch dailies.

She praise fur!

Doodle #14 - Sailor Moon



Character Design - The Dragons

Doodle for Mas Be

Mas Be is an original character made by an Indonesian Animator name Mas Bambi (Bambang Gunawan). He was a mentor and a supervisor for me while I was in Internship (2010). Now he has his own animation book in Indonesia store... if you wanna know about him more.. just add his facebook at Bambi Bambang Gunawan, or via instagram @bambigunawan

and here's the original character Mas Be :

Mas Bambi

Mas Be - By Mas Bambi