Illustrations of The Dreamy Family - Ordered by Daisy Ardiana

Hello TKers, today I will show you about my recent project, some doodle illustration for a Happy Small Family... These artworks ordered by Daisy (The Mother) for her lovely family... considered as a gift for her son's and her husband's birthday... at first, lets see this happy family :

Daisy (Mom) - Kyle (Son) - Ivan (Dad)

It was an honor for me to create artworks for her family, especially she gave a sharp directions in the brief, so we didn't find any trouble in the making progress of the artworks.. 

Here's the brief (by Daisy herself):
We are family of three (hopefully will be four in the next few years). We want to have a illustrations represent each of us and us as a family. These illustration will be hung on our wall in our new home. Reminds us that we do things together, we fight, we love, we forgive. we reach our dreams and goal together, and that family is home. 
First, ivan - he's the father, the husband. He's the coolest between us. He's patient, calm, and always the one whose lowering the tone in every conflict. As head of family, he's the one who chase the dream. He catches the stars for us. He's also the glue that holds us together as family. 
Second, daisy - the wife, the mother. She's passionate, she comes with vision. She is the one who dreams, she knows where she wants to bring her family. She has a huge heart, she's generous. She loves to travel. She's the home for the family. 
Third, kyle - the son. He's the ball of energy. He's an adventurer, he loves to explore. He'll grow bringing joy and blessing to others. He'll fly up high and make his mama and papa proud. He'll continue our dream. He'll the pride of our family. 
Style/theme: innocent, sweet, dreamy
Colour: something pastel makes it sweet and dreamy. prefered to be dominated by: blue tiffany, baby blue, grey, white and khaki/brown/creme - coz that's our home decoration color theme (you can have other colors as accents like: yellow or soft pinkish peach, red, etc) - color tone sample attached
Connected Links: clouds, moon, baloons, stars, bunny

She attached their pictures with the specific outfit.. so helpful..

She made the concepts and sketches as well... start with Ivan...

Ivan- background sky with bunch of stars. He's taking stairs catching stars, there's baloons flying in the corner, you can spot a jar of bright stars


Daisy- background sky and really huge moon. she's standing. she's holding a brush with dropped ink like she was just finished painting the moon. The ink drops on a stars. She's surrounded by stars piling up within her feet.

and the last but not least...

Kyle- background sky with stars moon and clouds, he's flying holding two baloons on his right hand up to the sky. On the moon there's a bunny.

I'm so Happy knowing that They're love the artworks..
And thanks for trust my services. - TK illustration 


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