Animal Theme 1

I love animals.. so i have a lot of photos with animal theme... these photos below are some of my collection... maybe later i will share the other.. ^^

Animal was one of many themes in my photography assignment too... for this assignment... our class took in bandung zoo... we must take some animal photos... and then choose three the best for submit as assignments... and in this project we can edit it with color and give some texts...

please enjoy:

"Cat in Waiting"

Komodo Dragon

Sumatera Tiger

This Caterpilar i took in my uncle's house...

Swimming mouse... 
i took this photo in my home... you know... i took this photo in the night... and in the morning the mouse was dead... it drawn... ^^


The excotic Birds..

And these photos bellow which i choosed for my assignments.. :

and for this photo above i add this sentences: 

"There's no growth with out change, no change without fear or feel lost, and no feel lost without pain..."
The real one... that photo just have one bird (the big one)... but i add a little bird beside it... ^^

- 2009 -

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