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  1. have you tried sending a mail or posting pictures to walt disney? becouse these pictures are better than any work they have done.. i mean some of the pictures are just perfect like little mermaid, pocahontas mulan.. wanna see these movies with these stars :D i admire you're work man you're a genius to think of doing this like you have.. love the illustrations

  2. i want to see these as movies i love disney princesses you should show them this its awesome. I would pay to see every single one of these movies.:D

  3. If you want someone who really looks like Pocahontas, you should look at Shay Mitchell, from Pretty Little Liars!

  4. i like mermid good luck proyect......

  5. Hi!
    amazing work you do!

    Might make Matt Bomer as Prince Eric? would be perfect for the role

    Thank you!

    P. D. I leave the comparison

  6. Hey Thomas. I saw your link on moviepilot about Emma Watson mashed with the little mermaid. I'm really impressed with your work. Not only on your disney princesses but with your anime artwork too. Anyhow I was wondering if you'd do a Tiana Princess and the frog manipulation. New Orleans needs love too.

  7. Hey Thomas. I first saw your link from moviepilot's article on Emma Watson for the little mermaid. I am very impressed with all your works of arts man, I was wondering if you'd tackle doing The princess and the frog's Tiana in the future. I can't think of any young black actress at the moment. Olympic medalist Gabby Douglas

  8. Do you do these if someone requests a poster to be made with them? How would I go about it? I want the Frozen one for my sister.

    Thanks much!
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Love the work!
    Do you take requests/project to make these posters? What is the process? I want to gift the Frozen one for my sister.

  10. These posters are just stunning. If you take request I would love to see one like the tangled poster but instead of Jake and Hayden, If You could replace them with Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus.

  11. Cristian Ken RosseauJuly 27, 2014 at 9:20 AM

    I'd like suggest more two princess: Tiana ("The Princess and the Frog") and Esmeralda ("The Hunchback of Notre Dame" gipsy).

    For Tiana, I recommend the brazilian actress Tais Araujo (
    For Esmeralda, I have two suggestions:
    Ildi Silva (
    D├ębora Nascimento (
    I hope had chosen the right models (LoL).

  12. Hey do you already do the pic of the sword in the stone??

  13. do you take requests?

  14. Are you for hire per poster? We have a full family of princesses and super hero's I was thinking of getting posters of for our movie room...

    1. yes sure... please email me at


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