Disney Princess Celebrity - Beauty And The Beast

Have you heard that Disney will do Beauty and The Beast as a real live movie? and Emma Watson will be the cast of Belle.. Deep in my heart I wish Emma will be Ariel.. but if she was choose as Belle.. its okay for me.. since she will be a perfect Belle as well.. she has a beauty inside and outside.. and she is smart (especially when she was a Hermione Granger).. Then I decided to create some photoshop poster of this movie.. Cos some readers asked me to do it with Emma.. maybe they're wondering what would she look like.. then here it is... Emma Watson as Belle as The Beauty... and also I created the beast... (literally The Beast from The Xmen)

And Here's the image sources that I used to create those posters.. credits for these pictures bellow :


  1. Anna Kendrick
    link will show you an idea of what she would look like


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